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The Garage Therapy Certified Detailer Programme brings an industry first professional approval system that aligns to training, business and ethics standards from the Professional Valeters & Detailers Trade Association and The International Detailers Association. In addition, the UK Detailing Academy will facilitate the product orientation and training requirements of the Garage Therapy System as an independent professional organisation that is focused on providing meticulous and structured training to an unregulated industry. The UKDA has a combined experience of over 42 years in the detailing and care care market, leading the way in structured and effective automotive care training. UKDA promotes the highest standards and the best possible learning experience for all attendees. 

We are proud to have partnered with these three organisations to bring an industry first, independent professional training and approval system that holds at its core, Integrity, Professionalism, High Standards and a Code of Ethics. Garage Therapy is committed to ensuring that GT Certified Detailers bring the very best in professionalism and skillsets to their clients using some of the best car care products in the world from the Garage Therapy product line.

The aim of the Garage Therapy Certified Detailer  training event is to give car care professionals the opportunity to have guidance and training on the full range of Garage therapy products. This will also include the Certified Detailer-Only ceramic coating products. Throughout this event, there will be enrichment through chemical knowledge, practical skills and specific insight into the Garage Therapy products. This allows attendees to leave the event with a broadened skillset to maximise the potential from Garage Therapy products, system and processes.

This course is a mixture of classroom led sessions that concentrate on health and safety, vehicle inspection, and an explanation of dilution ratios and panel impact ratios to ensure proper usage of tools and chemicals in the GT range. On the practical side of this enrichment event, we will also look at mechanical and chemical decontamination methods, prewash, machine polishing plus much  more. Each session is designed to give the ‘best practice’ methods to extract the very best results from the Garage Therapy system.

The afternoon session is workshop-based. This allows us to delve into the Garage Therapy coating range; we begin the session with a look into machine polishing and discuss the requirements before coatings can be applied. The Garage Therapy coatings session is where the full coating range is explained, such as the science behind ceramic coatings, differences in paint types, and how it affects coatings best application methods for each coating and many more topics!​

The basic requirements to apply for this Certified Detailer Programme are as follows;

  • International Detailing Association Skills Validated


  • PVD Approved (Theory and Practical passed)

   As well as

  • Active business page on social media, or active web-page

  • Proof of current business insurance (Public liability, and accidental damage and service indemnity as a minimum)

If you are a professional detailer please use the form below to get in touch with us for further details of this programme.

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