/ONE: CAR Shampoo



/one: car Shampoo

/One: Car Shampoo is a premium pure pH neutral Shampoo in our maintenance car care range. It is the perfect maintenance wash shampoo that your car’s paint deserves.

A luxurious blend of super concentrated surfactants, emulsifiers and lubricants will gently and effectively clean the paint, whilst being safe to use on waxes, sealants and coatings. 


/ONE: Car Shampoo’s formulation provides amazing lubricity, high foaming action and exceptional cleaning performance PRODUCING a pristine residue free finish. A car Shampoo you can rely on for your car’s maintenance washes.


features and specifications:
- premium quality.
- ph neutral.
- foam stabilising technology.
- lubrication that lasts the full wash process.
- highly concentrated.

available Sizes:

500 ml

1000 ml

5 Litres

how to use

1. shake well Before use. dilute 20ml for a moderately dirty car in a 4-5 gallon bucket. use 30ml for heavily soiled car for extra cleaning, suds and lubrication.

2. pre-rinse the car to remove any loose dirt.


3. wash the car with a mitt starting from the top, working down to ensure the dirtiest parts of the car are washed last.


4. rinse thoroughly.


1. use the two bucket wash Method, with a wash and a rinse bucket.

2. agitate the wash bucket with a hose sprayer to produce rich luxurious foam.

3. work one panel at a time working in straight lines.

4. /ONE: car shampoo is high foaming and can be used through a foam lance to provide additional lubrication.

Frequently asked questions

what is the best dilution ratio?

during the development and testing of /One: Car Shampoo we have got great performance from using just 10-15ml of product. This shampoo is highly concentrated! 

Performance of all shampoos depends on multiple factors such as water hardness. due to this we recommend using 20ml as the standard and experiment lower or more depending on your preference. 

Why /One: Car Shampoo and not another brandS shampoo?

/One: Car Shampoo is an ultra premium quality shampoo with incredible cleaning power, suds and lubricity. the main advantage of /One: Car Shampoo is its ability to maintain its level of performance for the whole wash process without loss of foam and lubrication. 

/one: wheel Shampoo

/One: wheel Shampoo uses a premium formulation of highly concentrated materials to specifically target brake dust and road grime for robust and effective cleaning of all alloy wheel types.

/ONE: wheel Shampoo has a high cling foaming action to aid lubrication and increase chemical contact time to safely emulsify brake dust and dirt. /ONE: Wheel Shampoo is a superb tool to restore the fresh clean look safely.

features and specification:
- INCREDIBLE high cling foam that lasts the full wash process.
- Formulated to tackle brake dust and road grime.
- Reduces the need for strong chemicals.
- Foam sprayer compatible.
- Advanced lubrication system for safer contact cleaning.
- Highly Concentrated.

available Sizes:

500 ml

1000 ml

5 Litres

how to use

1. shake well Before use. Dilute 20ml of /One: Wheel Shampoo for a moderately dirty alloy wheel. for heavily soiled alloys, Use 30ml for extra cleaning power and lubrication in a 4-5 gallon bucket.


2. Rinse the wheels to remove loose contaminants from the alloys, preferably at high pressure. 


3. Clean the wheels with a soft bristle brush or wheel mitt. Start from the top working down, ensuring all spokes are treated. 


4. Once all areas have the product worked into the wheel and tyre, rinse the wheel down to ensure the encapsulated dirt is washed away.


1. Use a fallout remover in combination with /One: Wheel Shampoo for a more aggressive clean of the alloy wheel.


2. /One: Wheel Shampoo can be used to degrease tyre walls, wheel arch liners, brake calipers and suspension components. It can also be used in combination with your preferred APC/Degreaser for added lubrication and chemical cling. 

Frequently asked questions

Why not just use a basic car shampoo?


The /One: Wheel Shampoo has many benefits over using a standard car shampoo.

1. extra cleaning kick than a ph neutral shampoo.

2. The foam does not die when the wash solution starts getting dirty.

3. The lubrication stays consistent throughout the wash process.

4. The chemical composition has ingredients to specifically tackle brake dust/road salt etc. just like a dedicated wheel cleaner.

Can the /One: Wheel Shampoo be foamed?

Yes absolutely! It was developed specifically to be able to do this for following reasons.

1. Sensitive wheel finishes on luxury car brands or sensitive shiny black wheels. /One: Wheel Shampoo foam overcomes main issue of wheel damage by using ultimate lubricity and coverage when applied through a foamer.

2. Versatility. Due to its superior cleaning ability over a regular Car Shampoo, It can also be used to cling to wheel arch liners, suspension etc. we recommend spraying your various chemicals on the arch liners and suspension components, then follow up with a foam sprayer filled with /One: Wheel Shampoo thus allowing the product to cling for longer. This can be done also for the wheels!

Where does this sit in my range of chemicals?


the wheels see the most contaminants of any part of the car. Therefore it is appropriate that in Our wash process, we always use a dedicated wheel bucket and wheel shampoo to clean wheels. if the wheel is heavily contaminated, we will supplement the shampoo with additional chemicals e.g. fallout remover. 

a well maintained alloy that is cleaned regularly, safely and waxed or coated, using chemicals such as acids is generally not necessary. This is where /One: Wheel shampoo makes most sense as it sits just in between a Car Shampoo and Dedicated wheel cleaners.


We would also argue that a shampoo with this level of lubricity that maintains that performance consistently, is the key to keeping wheels looking great.


bucket (4-5 Gallon bucket)



10-15ML FOR LIGHT TO MEDIUM SOILED ALLOYS (our proffered dilution)

IK Foamer

10ml to 500ml water

/one: Tyre serum

/One: Tyre Serum is a premium Tyre and Rubber Conditioner that nourishes and protects all types of rubber trim and tyres. Designed and formulated with a special blend of advanced polymers that penetrate into the rubber to replenish lost moisture, along with UV resistant, hydrophobic polymers to encase and protect the newly treated rubber behind a fantastic satin, like new finish.


/One: Tyre Serum’s low surface tension formulation allows excellent coverage and penetration into the rubber, nourishing and helping prevent further depletion, discolouration and cracking. Once cured, the protective properties of /One: Tyre Serum enhance the resistance to weathering and wash processes. 


The end result is a deep, natural SATIN finish that repels dirt, promotes self-cleaning characteristics and leaves a dry no sling finish that keeps your tyres and trims looking their absolute best.

features and specification:
- Premium Quality.

- Compatible with all exterior rubber trim and tyres.

- Compatible with plastic trim.

- Nourishes and conditions.

- long lasting Satin finish.

- Can be layered.

- UV Protection.

- Water based formulation.

available Sizes:

500 ml

1000 ml

how to use

1. shake well Before use. Prior to extensive use, test compatibility on an inconspicuous area of the surface. Do not apply on motorcycle tyres and foot pedals.

2. clean the surface of any contaminants, Dirt or oils. ensure a clean dry surface before use.

3. Apply a small amount to your preferred applicator. ensure that /ONE: Tyre serum is applied in a thin, even layer over the entire surface and allowed to dry.

4. Remove any excess with a cloth. The product should be dry to the touch and safe to drive after 15 minutes.


1. use /Zero: Decon shampoo diluted 1:10 to scrub and fully cleanse the tyre surface of any prior dressings and contamination with a stiff bristle brush.

2. for maintenance cleaning, use /ONE: Wheel shampoo to clean tyre walls.

3. For a deeper satin or higher gloss look plus extra durability, apply a second coat after 1 hour. For maximum benefit initially apply 2 coats, then regularly apply a top-up coat as required after maintenance washes.

4. Full weather resistant properties will not be reached until 24 hours after application.



/One: Leather Cleaner is a premium sophisticated cleaner for all pigmented smooth leathers that maintains the leather hide’s natural pH balance.


/One: Leather Cleaner has been designed to gently and effectively clean away ingrained dirt, grime and other contaminants helping preserve the finish and life of the leather which prevents cracking.


/One: Leather Cleaner has been formulated and manufactured by Colourlock (LEDERZENTRUM GmbH) to Garage Therapy’s specifications. This collaboration represents decades of research, development and expertise in leather care.

features and specification:

- Premium quality.

- Gently cleans dirt and grime from pigmented leather surfaces.

- Preserves the finish and life of the leather.

- Not compatible with artificial leather, aniline leather, Suede or nubuck leather.

available Sizes:

200 ml

how to use

1. Shake well before use. Prior to extensive use, test compatibility on an inconspicuous area of the surface.

2. Ensure the area you are cleaning is free of debris such as dirt, sand and mud particles. 

3. Apply 2-3 pumps of /ONE: Leather Cleaner on the Garage Therapy Leather Cleaning Brush or your preferred brush / applicator.

4. Gently work the foam into the leather ensuring uniform coverage. Using a quality microfibre towel, wipe away the soiled solution. 


1. Clean high traffic areas regularly with /ONE: Leather Cleaner to avoid dirt build up and maintain the finish.

2. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.

3. Use the Garage Therapy Leather Cleaning Brush due to its high-quality durable bristles that do not damage the leather surface.

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