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/ONE: CAR Shampoo



/one: car Shampoo v2

/One: Car Shampoo v2 is a premium pure pH neutral Shampoo in our maintenance car care range. It is the perfect maintenance wash shampoo that your car’s paint deserves. A luxurious blend of super concentrated surfactants, emulsifiers and lubricants will gently and effectively clean the paint, whilst being safe to use on waxes, sealants and coatings. 


/ONE: Car Shampoo v2's formulation provides amazing lubricity, high foaming action and exceptional cleaning performance PRODUCING a pristine residue free finish. A car Shampoo you can rely on for your car’s maintenance washes.


features and specifications:
- premium quality.
- ph neutral.
- foam stabilising technology.
- lubrication that lasts the full wash process.
- highly concentrated.

available Sizes:

500 ml

1000 ml

5 Litres

Changes in Version 2: 

- 33% greater concentration.

- More robust cleaning power.

- More lubricity for a safer wash.

- More consistent performance in warmer and colder climates.

- Same great scent.

how to use

1. shake well Before use. dilute 20ml for a moderately dirty car in a 4-5 gallon bucket. use 30ml for heavily soiled car for extra cleaning, suds and lubrication.

2. pre-rinse the car to remove any loose dirt.


3. wash the car with a mitt starting from the top, working down to ensure the dirtiest parts of the car are washed last.


4. rinse thoroughly.


1. use the two bucket wash Method, with a wash and a rinse bucket.

2. agitate the wash bucket with a hose sprayer to produce rich luxurious foam.

3. work one panel at a time working in straight lines.

4. /ONE: car shampoo is high foaming and can be used through a foam lance to provide additional lubrication.

Frequently asked questions

what is the best dilution ratio?

during the development and testing of /One: Car Shampoo we have got great performance from using just 10-15ml of product. This shampoo is highly concentrated! 

Performance of all shampoos depends on multiple factors such as water hardness. due to this we recommend using 20ml as the standard and experiment lower or more depending on your preference. 

Why /One: Car Shampoo and not another brandS shampoo?

/One: Car Shampoo is an ultra premium quality shampoo with incredible cleaning power, suds and lubricity. the main advantage of /One: Car Shampoo is its ability to maintain its level of performance for the whole wash process without loss of foam and lubrication.

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