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/THREE: Chimera top coat

/THREE: Chimera is a hydrophobic polymeric coating that can be used as a stand-alone sealant or as a Top Coat to the our ceramic coatings range. Chimera provides a hydrophobic and slick layer that enhances gloss and self cleaning characteristics whilst also increasing chemical protection and water spot resistance.

Chimera is formulated to form a strong film across the surface that feeds and rejuvenates the hydrophobics lost by ceramic coatings over time.


This product is suitable for painted bodywork surfaces on automotive vehicles, motorbikes, hard plastics parts, taillights and headlights and alloy wheel rims.


Do not apply this product to aftermarket paint-jobs for up to 2-3 months as a precaution, low quality paintwork, glass, textiles, absorbent materials such as tyres and soft trims

Features and Specifications:

  - Premium Quality
  - Upto 1 Year Protection

  - Extreme gloss and slickness 

  - Extremely hydrophobic.

  - UV Resistance   

  - Salt Resistance

  - Oil repellency


available Sizes:

50 ml

Frequently asked questions

Can /THREE: CHIMERA Be USED as a standalone Coating and How long does last for?

from our testing in closed controlled test conditions and with vehicles out in the field (every day use), you can get up to 1 years of protection / durability. For this to be realised you must ensure that the coating has been installed as per the instructions (two coats) and is regularly maintained with garage therapy products. We must stress that paint preparation, for any last stage protection product is absolutely key for longevity. We recommend doing a full decontamination which involves chemical and mechanical methods to properly prep the paint for any protective product.

/THREE: Chimera can absolutely be used as standalone polymeric coating and it is a great option to add slickness, gloss and protection to a vehicle. It is a relatively easy and straight forward product to apply

What is the purpose of /THREE: CHIMERA top coat?

Chimera has been designed primarily to feed our professional only coating /THREE: Typhon. it has also been formulated to provide a protective hydrophobic layer to our other coatings /THREE: Cerberus and /THREE: hades. it boosts important characteristics such as chemical resistance, slip and water contact angles to aid self cleaning capabilities of the coatings and guard against water spotting. The added benefit is better durability of the main base coating used and of course added depth and gloss.

Can /THREE: CHIMERA top coat be used on other coatings?

Yes absolutely! it can be used to complement most coatings and give benefits mentioned in the previous question.

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