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garage therapy have partnered with global and local trade associations to bring an industry first, independent professional training and approval system that holds at its core, Integrity, Professionalism, High Standards and a Code of Ethics.


Garage Therapy is committed to ensuring that GT Certified professional Detailers bring the very best in professionalism and skill-sets to their clients using some of the best car care products in the world from the Garage Therapy product line.

/THREE: TYPHON ceramic coating

/THREE: Typhon Ceramic Coating is the pinnacle of quartz nano coating technology. Typhon is a high solids, ultra-durable, ultra-hard, hydrophobic coating that protects painted surfaces from UV rays, acid rain, salts, chemical agents, bird droppings and provides light scratch resistance.

/THREE:  Typhon is formulated with the very latest and highest-grade raw materials to form an inorganic layer that chemically bonds to the surface. It provides an incredible high gloss finish, giving visual depth and colour saturation for up to 5 years of protection, whilst also promoting outstanding slickness and self-cleaning characteristics.


/THREE: Typhon’s highly reflective coated surfaces enables you to maintain your vehicles paintwork much more efficiently, saving you time and keeping the appearance of the vehicle cleaner for longer against the rigors of the environment. Typhon is the perfect tool for professionals and prosumers looking for a permanent long lasting ceramic coating with amazing protection and visual performance.


Features and Specifications:

  - Premium Quality
  - Upto 5 Year Coating

  - Ultra Hydrophobic
  - Chemical resistance pH 2-13ph 
  - 10H Hardness

  - Wash marring resistance

  - Extreme gloss and slickness

  - Salt Resistance

  - Corrosion Resistance

  - UV and Heat Resistance

  - Oil Repellency 

Frequently asked questions

How long does /THREE: typhon last for?

from our testing, in closed controlled test conditions and with vehicles out in the field (every day use), you can expect up to 5 years of protection and durability from Typhon. For this to be realised you must ensure that the coating is regularly maintained with garage therapy products and inspected yearly by a GT Certified Professional. 

For optimal results, we recommend at the point of initial installation using /THREE: chimera Polymeric coating as the final top coat layer. This can then be reapplied every 6-12 months to give a significant boost to hydrophobics, slickness and gloss post a full decontamination.

As with all coatings, good maintenance is key to longevity however the environment can also play a huge part in this. For maximum longevity to be realised please consult your GT Professional Installer. 

How do we maintain /THREE: typhon?

We recommend Regular washing with /ONE: Car Shampoo at least once or twice a month. The vehicle can then be protected with /TWO: Quick Detailer as a drying aid or as part of a final wipe down. You also have the option of using /TWO: Sigma every two months to boost slickness, hydrophobics and depth of colour. 

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