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the COATING range

/THREE: Cerberus

/THREE: Cerberus is a highly durable ceramic coating based on the very latest innovations in Nano technology for your vehicles paintwork. Cerberus has been designed to protect your vehicles paintwork from three key causes that can degrade your vehicles visual condition, UV, chemical agents and fine scratches.

Formulated with the very latest and highest grade raw materials, the highly reactive chemistry forms an exceptionally strong bond to the paint surface it is applied to. Cerberus provides an incredible high gloss finish that is extremely hydrophobic and durable ceramic layer guarding against UV rays, heat and corrosion for up to 3 years of protection whilst also promoting outstanding slickness and self cleaning characteristics.


/THREE: Cerberus’ highly reflective coated surfaces enables you to maintain your vehicles paintwork much more efficiently, helping to prevent contaminants bonding to its surfaces and thus making the cleaning of your vehicle much easier. Cerberus is the perfect tool for enthusiasts, prosumers and professionals looking for a long lasting ceramic coating that is the best balance of performance, protection and visual looks for your paint.


Features and Specifications:

  - Premium Quality
  - Upto 3 Year Coating

  - Water contact angle of 107°
  - Chemical resistance pH 2-11 
  - 3.5H Hardness

  - Wash marring resistance

  - Extreme gloss and slickness

  - Salt Resistance

  - Corrosion Resistance

  - UV and Heat Resistance


available Sizes:

30 ml

Frequently asked questions

How long does /THREE: Cerberus last for?

from our testing, in closed controlled test conditions and with vehicles out in the field (every day use), you can get up to 3 years of protection / durability. For this to be realised you must ensure that the coating has been installed as per the instructions (two coats) and is regularly maintained with garage therapy products.

We must stress that paint preparation, for any last stage protection product is absolutely key for longevity. We recommend doing a full decontamination which involves chemical and mechanical methods to properly prep the paint for any car Care protective product.

How do we maintain /THREE: Cerberus?

We recommend Regular washing with /ONE: Car Shampoo at least once or twice a month. The vehicle can then be protected with /TWO: Quick Detailer as a drying aid or as part of a final wipe down. You also have the option of using /TWO: Sigma every two months to boost slickness, hydrophobics and depth of colour. 

For optimal results, we recommend at the point of initial installation using /THREE: chimera Polymeric coating as the final top coat layer. This can then be reapplied every 6-12 months to give a significant boost to hydrophobics, slickness and gloss post a full decontamination with /ZERO: Decon Shampoo and /ZERO: Iron Oxide fallout remover. Remember always use a premium grade panel wipe before application. 

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