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the cleanse range


/ZERO: Panel Wipe is a powerful surface preparation cleanser designed and formulated to remove polishing oils, fillers and silicone residue.

/ZERO: Panel Wipe utilises premium grade alcohols, solvents and carefully selected surfactants to intensively tackle polish residue, leaving behind a decontaminated clean surface ready for coatings and other protective products to bond more efficiently to the substrate.

Features and Specification:

- Premium quality.
- Deep Cleansing.
- No residue.  
- Removes polishing oils, fillers and silicone residues.

- for Automotive Detailing and body shop applications. 

available Sizes:

500 ml

1000 ml

5000 mL

how to use

1. Shake well before use. wear appropriate safety equipment such as gloves and protective eyewear.

2. Do not use on hot panels or components. do not use in direct sunlight and work in a well-ventilated area. avoid using on poor resprays and plastics.

3. Spray onto /One: Utility TOWEL OR GT pearl weave towel. wipe /ZERO: panel wipe onto the surface ensuring even coverage. gently buff any excess product with a clean dry side of the towel.

4. ensure trigger nozzle is closed when complete and store in a cool dry place.


1. Use multiple /One: Utility Towels, for application and buffing.

2. /ZERO: Panel Wipe can be used to clean and unclog high quality ceramic coatings. perfect tool for prepping paint before sealant/wax application. 

3. excellent general purpose cleaner for surface preparation such as glass and METAL surfaces.

4. use /ZERO: Panel Wipe to prep tyre walls ready for treatment with /One: TYRE Serum. 

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