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/one: GLASS

/ONE: Glass is a premium robust glass cleaner that cleans windscreens, windows and mirrors for both exterior and interior glass surfaces.


/ONE: Glass has been infused with a powerful functional blend of surfactants to specifically target contaminants that commonly cause smearing such as sap, oils and grease. The effect is that /ONE: Glass quickly and efficiently cleans dirt, dust, fingerprints, sap, oil, grease and much more from your glass surfaces.


This unique formulation offers superior cleaning performance to tackle the dirtiest of glass surfaces and with the aid of a premium blend of surfactants to deal with a wide variety of contaminants, it is the perfect solution for glass in both cold and hot climates. 


/ONE: Glass is our vision of the perfect streak free glass cleaner without sacrificing user experience and performance. 


features and specifications:

- Premium quality 
- High performance surfactants
- Streak free, Efficient, Quick and Easy
- Compatible with glass and plastic
- Non-abrasive formulation

available Sizes:

500 ml

1000 ml

5 Litres

Frequently asked questions

What makes /One: Glass different from other glass cleaners?

/One: Glass is not a simple mix of ipa and pure water. we have infused a very premium set of solvents and a special surfactants to emulsify dirt and grime that simpler formulas would struggle with. when combined with our GT Glass cleaning towel it is a winning combination for professional detailers and enthusiasts alike in their detailing kit. 

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GT - ONE - Glass in use 2.jpg