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we are very selective on who we work with. our reselling partners are carefully selected to ensure they share our core values and bring you the very best we have to offer.



Home to the very best in detailing products, customer service and advice that enhance and protect the appearance of your vehicle. A combination of exclusive detailing and car care products available around the world, coupled with a strong focus on high-quality customer service and professional advice on preparation and application, allows you to achieve stunning results after a few hours of working from home. We distinguish ourselves with our product range from exclusive brands that cannot be found in all other shops. Each product is extensively tested and is only sold if it can meet our exacting standards.


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​​ANDYHOAUTO.SK is an exciting new reseller in Slovakia, stocking unique car care brands from around the world! They thoroughly test each product and only stock products that they truly believe in.

We are very proud to work with as they share our passion for quality, value and performance. best of all they share our passion for detailing and customer satisfaction. the future is bright and we look forward to bringing our brand to the good people of Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.


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