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the PROTECTION range

/TWO: Alpha

/TWO: Alpha is a sophisticated and unique wax that gives incredible depth, gloss and hydrophobic performance to your vehicles paintwork. Consisting of a complex blend of premium natural and synthetic waxes and polymers with a strong focus on maximising gloss whilst also extending durability with fluoirinated and ceramic compounds. /TWO: Alpha is our premier car wax for ultimate durability, water behavior and visual performance.

features and specifications:

 - Premium Quality

 - Upto 6+ months protection

 - Extreme gloss and visual depth.

 - Extremely hydrophobic.

 - Oil repellency.

 - T1 grade carnauba

 - Can be layered for increased longevity.

 - Compatible with /TWO: Sigma V2 and /TWO: Quick Detailer

available Sizes:



This product is suitable for painted bodywork surfaces on automotive vehicles, motorbikes, taillights, headlights and alloy wheel rims. Do not apply this product to aftermarket paintjobs for up to 2-3 months as a precaution, low quality paintwork, glass, textiles, absorbent materials such as tyres and soft trims

how to use

1. Work out of direct sunlight and on cool panels.

2. Using a high quality wax applicator, apply thin even film of wax in a circular motion. 

3. Allow to haze for 3 - 5 minutes. 

4. Buff off gently using a premium microfibre towel to reveal an incredible deep high gloss finish. 


1. Ensure that your paintwork is properly prepared before application. This doesn’t just mean just chemical decontamination as your paintwork even from a new car will get swirls and contamination build up. We advise to clay the surface and a machine/hand polish to exfoliate and finish the surface nicely. 
2. Use two clean high quality microfibre towels for wax removal and final buffing. Our GT Utility towels and Dual towels are perfect for this task as they have a high and short pile sides.

/TWO: SIGMA V2 as a topper for enhanced slickness as part of the GT System. /TWo: Quick Detailer can also be used as a drying aid post washing. 

4. Apply two coats of
/TWO: ALPHA for increased durability.

Frequently asked questions

I am finding it hard to remove, any advise? 

Applying thin even layers is key. We advise the use of shorter pile towels for the initial wipe off. For the final buff off you can use higher GSM/Pile towels. If you are still encountering stiffness in removing the wax we recommend to try SHORT CYCLing. This effectively means to wait 1-2 minutes and buff off rather than the suggested 3-5 minutes.


If at the end you see any smears do not panic! they can easily be taken off with /TWO: Quick Detailer or /ONE: glass cleaner. This will not impact the performance as its very durable wax.

WHat makes /TWO: Alpha unique?

We did not want to just make a wax that has been done before. Our aim was to push the envelope of what was possible with a wax but not make something that was synthetic which we already have in the range. As a result, ease of use took a back seat to innovation and efficiency whilst still using t1 Grade Carnauba and other wax blends. 

Performance was key element for the wax to even being within our range of products and SYSTEM. Our garage therapy professional detailing network was very much at the forefront of our mind when creating this wax as it exists to fix a gap within the range.

1. Cars that have single stage paint and cannot be ceramic coated.

2. For customers who do not want ceramic coatings. 

3. Customers who like the look of a wax.

As you will see, the performance is exceptional from a Hydrophobics standpoint but also from a visual standpoint. If the wax doesn’t look good it doesn’t make it into production as there is no point in using it. To achieve this visual performance that means that it is not the easiest wax to install and it is by no means the hardest.


Alpha has been designed to be apply on painted surfaces such as the main coachwork and alloy wheels. 

How much time between multiple coats of /TWO: Alpha?

Alpha Wax is quick curing product. We recommend waiting 30 minutes after your initial application for a second coat. 

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