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the PROTECTION range


/TWO: SIGMA V2 is a hybrid spray sealant and detailer infused with the very latest Si02 raw materials and nano chemistry to provide outstanding hydrophobics, slickness and gloss. Designed to prolong ceramic coatings and sealants with a strong focus on enhancing visual depth, slickness and water repellency.


/TWO: Sigma V2’s performance has been tuned to give 9 weeks durability in a single application and can be layered to enhance and prolong protective qualities and slickness. The result is a highly reflective hydrophobic finish that is compatible with all painted surfaces and works in synergy with existing protective base layers and our /THREE: Coating range.

/TWO: Sigma V2 is our vision of the definitive finishing spray for maintaining a high-quality finish for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


features and specifications:

  - Premium Quality
  - Wax, sealant and coating compatible
  - Extends and enhances existing protection

  - Can be used as standalone protection or a topper
  - Highly Hydrophobic
  - Extreme Gloss and Slickness

available Sizes:

500 ml

1000 ml

5 Litres

Changes vs V1:

- Improved durability, hydrophobics and slickness.

- durability increased from 6 to 9 weeks

how to use

1. Shake Well. Using a clean premium microfibre cloth, prime the face of the towel with 2 to 3 sprays.

2. Spray directly on the paint with 1-2 full sprays and spread lightly  into the paint. At this stage do not buff off.

3. Allow to cure for 30-60 seconds. In Warmer conditions shorten this time and in colder condition it maybe necessary to lengthen. 

4. Flip to the unprimed side of the microfibre cloth and lightly buff off /TWO: SIGMA to reveal an incredible deep high gloss finish.


1. Wash the car using /One: Wheel Shampoo and /One: Car Shampoo. if the paint is contaminated, WASH WITH /ZERO: Decon Shampoo.
2. Use two clean high quality microfibre towels with one for application and the other for buffing. We recommend our GT Pearl Weave for applying and leveling and the
GT Utility towel for final buff off. 

3. APPLY /TWO: SIGMA as a topper to
/THREE: CS for enhanced slickness, gloss and hydrophobics.

4. Apply two coats of
/TWO: SIGMA for increased durability and water repellency.

5. avoid applying on hot panel surfaces.

Frequently asked questions

I'm getting streaking with /TWO: SIGMA V2 help!

Sigma v2 is a very concentrated product using some very boutique additives. As a result you need to ensure you are laying down thin even coats using very high quality microfibre towels. We recommend our GT Utility towel or GT pearl weave towel for the initial coat of Sigma v2.


When applying ensure you are working in the product to thin it out to an even thin layer and at this point you will see the product flashing. OFF 

Ensure that you are not over saturating the panel with the product. only one or two sprays maximum per panel AND IT MOST PROBABLY IS THE CASE THAT THE TOWEL IS SATURATED AND DOESN'T NEED ANY MORE. If the temperatures are warm, we recommend spraying the product on the towel rather than the warm/hot panels. This again will ensure streaking is kept to zero.


Another tip is have a saturated towel handy to level out any high spots and then buff the panel. 

WHY /TWO: SIGMA V2 over your quick detailer?

SIGMA does not contain cleaning agents and its focus is on hydrophobics, visual depth and slickness. it was created as a more stout form of protection in comparison to our qd but with ease of use in mind. sigma's main purpose is to be the definitive finishing touch to your cars last step protection car care products, boosting their longevity whilst adding visual depth and slickness.

WHat are the differences between /TWO: SIGMA V2 and /TWO: quick detailer?

- our quick detailer can be applied on all exterior surfaces whilst sigma cannot.

- quick detailer is more of a sheeter and sigma has much strong hydrophobic behaviour.

- sigma can last for 6 weeks on a single application whilst the qd only lasts for 2 weeks.

- quick detailer contains cleaning agents, sigma does not

- sigma contains sio2 and the qd does not.


SIGMA has been designed to be apply on painted surfaces. Whilst it can be applied to certain plastics, due to the various manufacturers quality variability we suggest to test on a small area before applying. We do not recommend applying SIGMA on your Windscreen however side windows are ok.

How much time between multiple coats of /TWO: SIGMA V2?

SIGMA is quick curing product. We recommend waiting 20-30 minutes after your initial application for a second coat. 

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