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/TWO: Quick Detailer is a unique blend of car shampoo and nano sealant to give that perfect finishing touch to your car’s paint. Designed to safely remove light surface residue whilst offering incredible lubricity for a safe, glossy and ultra-slick finish.


/TWO: Quick Detailer’s performance has been finely tuned to give 1-2 weeks durability. The result is a reflective hydrophobic finish that is compatible with all types of hard surfaces and pre-applied protection. A simple spray and wipe will give the surface a good clean whilst laying down a protective coating that resists UV light, dirt and road film from sticking due to the reduced surface tension. 


Features and Specifications:
  - Premium Quality
  - Wax, sealant and coating compatible
  - Paint, Glass, plastic and rubber compatible
  - Tuned hydrophobic performance
  - High gloss 
  - Slick to the touch 
  - UV Protection

/TWO: Quick Detailer - 5 Litre

  • Directions

    1. Using a clean premium microfibre cloth, prime the face of the microfibre towel with 2 sprays.


    2. Spray directly (15-20cm away) onto the paint, glass or plastic with 1-2 mist sprays, then massage lightly into the paint.


    3. flip to the unprimed side of the towel and Lightly buff off to reveal an amazing high gloss finish.


    For Best Results

    1. Wash the car using /ONE: Wheel Shampoo and /ONE: Car Shampoo. 


    2. Use /TWO: Quick Detailer as a drying aid after a maintenance    wash to accelerate the drying process.


    3. Use /TWO: Quick Detailer to clean glass to take advantage of the hydrophobic nano sealant protective qualities and surfactants.


    4. Use clean high quality microfibre towels. Use two separate towels for application and buffing.


    5. Clean door sills and jams to take advantage of the high lubricity minimising potential marring.

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