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The APS Total Upgrade Kit for FLEX PXE 80 brings the magic to your tight area polishing work. Areas that were once untouchable with a PXE80 in factory form can now be reached easily. Upgraded, metal core backing plates use a poly shield for the edges while employing a thermal molded velcro to them. These steps made by APS deliver peace of mind when it comes to durability, edge protection, and measure lower vibration on the machine than a factory plastic unit. 


The FV50 extension on rotary mated up to the 2" backing plate is the most used combination in this kit, giving you just enough room to get the head of the machine closer to the user so you can see the area you're working in and get the correction work dialed. 


FXA50 extension (the longer extension) incorporates an OE type rotary drive unit with a 50mm extension from the machine and accepts spindle type polishing cones for getting into door cups where you need the bite of a machine to tackle that work, and the only option before was hand polishing. Also perfect for machine polishing wheels, where you were only able to hit some areas by hand before (if that). The FXA50 is also how the 15mm backing plate attaches to the PXE80, and in micro situations where two panels meet up and are nearly impossible to touch. Think of the areas where glass and gaskets meet close to a panel gap where there is literally zero possibility of fitting a 2" plate. 


Lastly, the dampers (4 pieces) are simply a replacement for the factory units in place. These pieces live attached to the PXE80 underneath the battery. They slide into place, and if you've noticed a rattle coming from your unit after extended use, it's due to these 'dampers' becoming worn. 

APS Upgrade DELUXE Kit for Flex PXE80 (14 PCS)

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