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The Bucket Dolly Connector Plate allows you to connect two bucket dollies together, creating one convenient wash bucket system.


Bucket Dollies were created to enable detailers to effortlessly move their bucket around the vehicle without having to carry it. Many detailers now use the two-bucket wash method, with one bucket for soapy water and one bucket for clean water. Using a bucket dolly with each bucket simplifies this process and cuts out heavy carrying as you make your way round the car.


The Bucket Dolly Connector Plate enables you to combine both of your bucket dollies to create the ultimate wash bucket system. Your two-bucket wash system is now connected together as one complete system which can be moved around with ease.


You can link two bucket dollies by simply removing two of the casters on each dolly and connecting the dollies together with the connector plate.


Size: 24cm x 15cm

Grit Guard Bucket Dolly Connector Plate

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