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The Grit Guard Washboard is an addition to the original Grit Guard to make for an even safer wash routine. The Washboard works by attaching to the Grit Guard and sitting at an angle. This allows dirt and other contaminants to be removed from your wash mitt when rubbing against the washboard on the downward stroke. This now gives the two Grit Guard implements different tasks. The Washboard is now your means of cleaning your wash mitt without your wash mitt going too deep in the bucket. The bottom Grit Guard is now your safety net between the dirt and grime at the bottom of your bucket and your wash mitt. The Grit Guard Washboard is designed to attach to your existing Grit Guard. 


PLEASE NOTE: Blue Grit Guard pictured here is not included.


  • Keep your wash mitt away from the bottom of the bucket
  • Attaches to existing Grit Guard
  • Makes for a even safer wash routine



When washing your car it's important to keep your wash mitt as clean as possible to minimise the risk of inflicting swirl marks and scratches. The Grit Guard System did this to ensure the dirt at the bottom of your bucket was separated from your mitt. The Washboard now acts as a way to clean your wash mitt out each time you dunk into the bucket by rubbing against it. Simply put the two legs into the washboard and insert the Washboard on to the Grit Guard ensuring the legs are fastened on top of one of the 4 fins for maximum stability. Remember each time you return your mitt to the bucket, rub the mitt in a downwards motion against the Washboard to remove dirt and debris from the mitt.

Grit Guard Washboard

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