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/THREE: Cerberus V2 is a highly durable ceramic coating based on the very latest innovations in nanotechnology for your vehicles' paintwork. Cerberus has been designed to protect your vehicle's paintwork from three key causes that can degrade your vehicle's visual condition, UV, chemical agents and fine scratches.


/THREE: Chimera V2 is a hydrophobic polymeric coating that can be used as a stand-alone sealant or as a Top Coat to our ceramic coatings range. Chimera V2 provides a hydrophobic and slick layer that enhances gloss and self-cleaning characteristics whilst also increasing chemical protection and water spot resistance. Chimera V2 is formulated to form a strong film across the surface that feeds and rejuvenates the hydrophobics lost by ceramic coatings over time.


Please note, this pack does not include the coating holder. 


Pack Contents

- 1x Cerberus V2 - 3 Year Ceramic Coating

- 1x Chimera V2 - Ceramic Top Coat

GT Coating Pack

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