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Wash Buckets are an essential part of the detailing process. Having a large, sturdy bucket is vital for detailers and car enthusiasts alike. These Clear RED/BLUE/BLACK and Clear Wash Buckets allow you to see the contents of your bucket. With them being transparent you can easily see the condition of your water and whether it needs changing.


The GT Wash Bucket Pack consists of: 

  • 3x Colour coded buckets for Wheels, Rinse and Wash.
  • 3x Colour coded Gamma Seal lids
  • 3x Silver Grit Guards
  • 3x Snappy Grip Bucket Handles (Red, Black and Blue)
  • 3x GT Bucket Stickers for Wheels, Rinse and Wash


Please note:The buckets are US-style 5 Gallon (18.9 Litres) buckets and fit perfectly with Original Grit Guards.

GT Wash Bucket Pack

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