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/ONE: Dash Serum is an innovative and unique interior conditioner that nourishes and protects all types of interior plastic trim and rubber. Designed and formulated with a special blend of additives that clean and penetrate to replenish lost moisture whilst leaving behind an anti-static film to protect the newly treated plastics and rubber behind a fantastic satin, like new finish. 


/ONE: Dash Serum’s high surface tension formulation allows excellent coverage and penetration into the rubber, nourishing and helping prevent further depletion discolouration and cracking. The end result is a ‘non reflective’ natural finish that has minimal effect on surface feel, promoting a factory finish that keeps interior plastics and rubber looking their absolute best.

Features and specifications:
- Premium Quality.
- Compatible with all interior rubber trim and matt plastics.
- Nourishes, conditions and protects.
- Long lasting satin finish.
- Can be layered.
- Anti-static properties.
- Silicone Free.

/ONE: Dash Serum

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