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/ONE: Rinseless Wash is a highly advanced solution designed for a safe and efficient car cleaning. This innovative formula allows you to wash your car without the need for rinsing with water, saving both time and water, while delivering a pristine high-quality finish. /ONE: Rinseless Utilises cutting-edge polymers and surfactants that lift and encapsulate dirt, grime, and contaminants from your vehicle's surface.


/ONE: Rinseless is a super concentrated and versatile which is perfect for use on all exterior surfaces including paint, glass, chrome, rubber and plastics. It can also be used to clean all hard and soft surfaces in the interior including leather, making it an economical choice for regular maintenance and deep cleaning sessions.


/ONE: Rinseless provides exceptional cleaning power, slickness and mild demineralising capabilities, ideal for maintaining good paint quality and extending the longevity of last stage protective products.


Features and Specification:

- Exceptional Cleaning Power

- Super Concentrated

- Highly dilutable

- Cutting-edge polymers and surfactants

- Mild demineralizing capabilities

- Interior and Exterior Use

- Eco-Friendly

- Supports sustainable car care practices by saving water

/ONE: Rinseless - 5 Litre

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