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/ONEWheel Shampoo V2 uses a premium formulation of highly concentrated materials to specifically target brake dust and road grime for robust and effective cleaning of all alloy wheel types.


/ONE: Wheel Shampoo V2 has a high cling foaming action to aid lubrication and increase chemical contact time to safely emulsify brake dust and dirt. /ONE: Wheel Shampoo V2 is a superb tool to restore the fresh clean look of your alloys safely.


Features and specification:

- Incredible high cling foam that lasts the full wash process.
- Formulated to tackle brake dust and road grime.
- Reduces the need for strong chemicals.
- Advanced lubrication system for safer contact cleaning.
- Contains rust inhibitors.
- More lubricating agents vs v1.
- More concentrated vs v1.
- Greater cleaning power vs v1. 

/ONE: Wheel Shampoo V2 - 5 Litre

  • Why not just use a basic car shampoo?


    The /ONE: Wheel Shampoo V2 has many benefits over using a standard car shampoo.

    1. Extra cleaning kick than a pH neutral shampoo.

    2. The foam does not die when the wash solution starts getting dirty.

    3. The lubrication stays consistent throughout the wash process.

    4. The chemical composition has ingredients to specifically tackle brake dust/road salt etc. just like a dedicated wheel cleaner.

    5. Rust inhibitors. 

    Can the /ONE: Wheel Shampoo V2 be foamed?

    Yes absolutely! It was developed specifically to be able to do this for following reasons.

    1. Sensitive wheel finishes on luxury car brands or sensitive shiny black wheels. /ONE: Wheel Shampoo V2 foam overcomes main issue of wheel damage by using ultimate lubricity and coverage when applied through a foamer.

    2. Versatility. Due to its superior cleaning ability over a regular car shampoo, It can also be used to cling to wheel arch liners, suspension and undercarriage. We recommend spraying your various chemicals on the arch liners and suspension components, then follow up with a foam sprayer filled with /ONE: Wheel Shampoo V2, thus allowing the product to cling for longer. This can be done also for the wheels!

    Where can this sit in my range of chemicals?


    the wheels see the most contaminants of any part of the car. Therefore it is appropriate that in our wash process, we always use a dedicated wheel bucket and wheel shampoo to clean wheels. if the wheel is heavily contaminated we will supplement the shampoo with additional chemicals e.g. fallout remover. 

    A well maintained alloy that is cleaned regularly, safely and waxed or coated, using chemicals such as acids is generally not necessary. This is where /ONE: Wheel shampoo V2 makes most sense as it sits just in between a car shampoo and dedicated wheel cleaners.


    We would also argue that a shampoo with this level of lubricity that maintains that performance consistently is the key to keeping wheels looking great.



    1. Shake well Before use. Dilute 10ml of /ONE: Wheel Shampoo V2 for a moderately dirty alloy wheel. for heavily soiled alloys, Use 20ml for extra cleaning power and lubrication in a 4-5 gallon bucket.


    2. Rinse the wheels to remove loose contaminants from the alloys, preferably at high pressure. 


    3. Clean the wheels with a soft bristle brush or wheel mitt. Start from the top working down, ensuring all spokes are treated. 


    4. Once all areas have the product worked into the wheel and tyre, rinse the wheel down to ensure the encapsulated dirt is washed away.



    1. Use a fallout remover in combination with /ONE: Wheel Shampoo V2 for a more aggressive clean of the alloy wheel.


    2. /ONE: Wheel Shampoo V2 can be used to degrease tyre walls, wheel arch liners, brake callipers and suspension components. It can also be used in combination with your preferred APC/Degreaser for added lubrication and chemical cling. 

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