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Issue 14 of Pro Detailer Magazine is out now, and it’s another belter!


This issue, we’ve been all about travel, getting back on the road and plane to visit places we’ve been itching to get to for the past two years, both home and abroad. We travel to chemists, blenders, tech incubators and machine makers in a whirlwind set of car care adventures. We look at graphene production as you’ve never been able to see it before – and see if it’s worth the hype with the start of a series of tests.


We visit Milan and take a behind the scenes tour of Rupes, watching a Bigfoot being made from start to finish. We talk to Thomas Zahn, machine transformation artist about how he achieves his masterpieces. Guides include in-depth looks at chassis cleaning, Clay lubes, and Business advice such as spotting fraud, and customer retention.


News, New products, New hardware and Fascinating Features come as standard, with Guides, Industry Articles and stacks of business advice articles not to be missed by professional detailers prosumers and enthusiasts alike – anybody who, like us, are Dedicated to Detailing.

Pro Detailer Magazine - Issue 14

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