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Issue 15 of Pro Detailer Magazine is now in stock!


In this issue: CCA took us to three huge detailing shows in Europe culminating in the return of Waxstock, the new products and hardware section is jam packed with the latest detailing wares including the new HLR75 from Rupes.


Our series of guides in this issue ranges from detailing brushes to vintage vehicle care, touching on some anodised trim and roof colouring, with two further guest articles; the first from Lake Country’s Kelly Harris on sanding, and the second from the detailing and forum legend that is Mike Phillips, who talks to us about abrasive technology.


Megatest rounds off where we dropped the last issue’s Graphene investigation: pitching three identical looking, but tweaked, waxes to 12 professional reviewers to get their take on the graphene phenomenon, and tell us if there’s any value to this new and exciting tech. We take a brief look at Graphene in ceramics, before following ValetPRO as they make their first ceramic coating.

Showcase visits a barn find Volvo revival, and a look at the Meguiar’s Mercedes W115 show car build. Interviews with Italian detailing stallion Marco Bassini, and Hawaiian detailer Sheldon Simeon, on detailing in what most of us would consider paradise,  round off what has been an epic magazine to assemble.

Pro Detailer Magazine - Issue 15

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