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Ergodyne Kneeling Pads are premium highly robust kneeling pads that offer key advantages over cheaper alternatives. ProFlex Kneeling Pads are positive proof there’s a big difference between getting the job done right and just getting by especially in the detailing industry whereby we often work on our knees to access wheels and/or lower panels for LSP application or compounding. We strongly believe that these are right up there with the best in the work gear industry. 


The ProFlex 380 Standard Kneeling Pad provides cushioning comfort and knee protection for static kneeling situations. This kneeling mat is made with thick nitrile rubber (NBR) closed cell foam which will keep its shape over time and won’t absorb liquids. The durable closed-cell foam is non-conductive, resistant to petroleum and silicone-free. A convenient built-in handle allows for easy transport and hanging storage, making it the perfect knee cushion for work on the job site, in the garage, the garden or at home.

Designed for kneeling on cold surfaces, hard steel, concrete, grating, gravel and wet surfaces. Ideal for mechanics, construction, plumbers, electricians, flooring or anyone looking for comfortable knee support without having to strap on work knee pads. Also great as a garden kneeler or for work around the house. Helps protect against common knee injuries on the job by supporting knees and joints.


Features and Specification

- DURABLE FOAM PADDING – Made with high density, thick NBR foam rubber that will not compress over time, protecting knees against hard surfaces

- LIQUID RESISTANT – Water resistant and petroleum resistant construction make it perfect for everything from bath time to work in the garage

- LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Kneeling pad is lightweight and has a built-in handle making it easy to carry and transport and convenient to hang and store

- MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Use to support pressure away from other areas; cushion elbows, shoulders, hips and other body parts when working in tight, constrained, twisted postures

- SIZE DIMENSIONS – 14in x 21in x 1in (36cm x 53cm x 2.5cm)

ProFlex 380 Standard Foam Kneeling Pad - 1in

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