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The QUIXX Windshield Repair Kit is the reliable and cost-effective alternative to the expense of replacing a windshield. The kit includes all special tools and a highly effective, transparent resin, enabling you to repair damage to automotive glass like a professional. Bullseye, half bullseye or star breakage – the names for windshield damage may seem comical, but the consequences are not a laughing matter:  TÜV don’t find them at all amusing and the complete replacement of the windshield without being able to fall back on partial or fully comprehensive insurance is expensive. 


Product details:

  • Simple, fast and effective application 
  • Stabilises and seals the damaged area
  • Helps to prevent further cracking
  • Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value
  • Excellent results through LGT (Liquid Glass Technology) - the repair is almost invisible
  • Repair resin MADE IN GERMANY
  • Let's get started: The all-inclusive kit contains all the utensils you need for making repairs. 
  • Contents: 1 bottle of special repair resin, 1 set of repair tools, 4 curing films, 1 razor blade and 1 pair of disposable gloves

Quixx System Windschield Repair Kit

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