/TWO: Quick Detailer is a unique blend of car shampoo and nano sealant to give that perfect finishing touch to your car’s paint. Designed to safely remove light surface residue whilst offering incredible lubricity for a safe, glossy and ultra-slick finish.


/TWO: Quick Detailer’s performance has been finely tuned to give 1-2 weeks durability. The result is a reflective hydrophobic finish that is compatible with all types of hard surfaces and pre-applied protection. A simple spray and wipe will give the surface a good clean whilst laying down a protective coating that resists UV light, dirt and road film from sticking due to the reduced surface tension. 


Features and Specifications:
  - Premium Quality
  - Wax, sealant and coating compatible
  - Paint, Glass, plastic and rubber compatible
  - Tuned hydrophobic performance
  - High gloss 
  - Slick to the touch 
  - UV Protection

/TWO: Quick Detailer

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