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/ZERO: Demineralisation Shampoo (DMS) is a premium deep-cleansing acidic car shampoo that is super concentrated with ACIDS, advanced detergents, emulsifiers and lubrication additives for optimal CLEANING performance. Utilising premium grade acids and surfactants to efficiently tackle traffic film, water mineral deposits, grease and grime,


/ZERO: DMS is a fantastic tool for cleaning and refreshing paint in hard water areas. /ZERO: DMS intensively tackles mineral contamination build-up that clogs paint surfaces, diminishing visual appearance and ceramic coating performance. It is ideal for maintaining good paint quality and extending the longevity of last-stage protective products.



- Limescale removing properties

- Acidic pH balance

- High lubrication and foaming action

- Free rinsing, no residue formulation

- Super concentrated

- Contains anti-corrosion additives

/ZERO: DMS - 5 Litre

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