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/ZERO: Iron Oxide V3 is an extremely powerful ferrous metal fallout remover that has been infused with robust deep cleansing surfactants from our /ZERO: Decon Shampoo. It has been formulated to offer effective removal of iron oxide particles, plus other non-organic pollutants, commonly found on your vehicles' paintwork and alloy wheels. /ZERO: Iron Oxide’s V3 high performance chemical makeup reacts quickly to rust particles and brake dust on contact, turning a deep purple colour indicating that it is attacking and cleansing the fallout.


/ZERO: Iron Oxide V3's viscosity has been carefully dialled-in to offer a good balance of chemical adherence and coverage to ensure the ferrous particles are engulfed, dissolved and degreased, leaving the surface cleansed. /ZERO: Iron Oxide V3 fallout remover is the perfect tool for any good fallout decontamination process for your vehicle.


Changes in Version 3:

- Higher concentration of TGA vs V2.

- More powerful iron oxide removal vs V2.

- Quicker and longer reaction vs V2.

/ZERO: Iron Oxide V3 - 5 Litre

  • When to use /ZERO: Iron Oxide?

    ​1. When car is really dirty and clearly contaminated.

    2. When you want to remove ferrous metal contaminants from your wheels and bodywork. 

    3. Restore clogged up ceramic coatings. Used every quarter or twice a year will do the coatings a lot of good.


    1. Shake well before use and wear appropriate safety equipment such as gloves and protective eyewear. Do not use on hot panels or components, do not use in direct sunlight and work in a well ventilated area. 

    2. Spray onto the painted surfaces, ensuring complete and uniform coverage.

    3. Allow to dwell on the surface for 4-5 minutes. The iron oxide particles, if present, will dissolve and turn a deep purple colour. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface. 

    4. Rinse the treated areas thoroughly, removing all residue.

    5. Repeat if necessary.



    1. Pressure wash the vehicle thoroughly and wash the vehicle using /ZERO:  Decon Shampoo.

    2. For heavily contaminated areas on the vehicle's paint, agitate the product using a premium microfibre. 

    3. For heavily contaminated wheels, agitate with a soft bristled brush or wheel woolie. 

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