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/ZERO: Panel Wipe is a powerful surface preparation cleanser designed and formulated to remove polishing oils, fillers and silicone residue.    


/ZERO: Panel Wipe utilises premium grade alcohols, solvents and carefully selected surfactants to intensively tackle polish residue, leaving behind a decontaminated clean surface ready for coatings and other protective products to bond more efficiently to the substrate. 


Features and Specification:
- Premium quality.
- Deep Cleansing.
- No residue.  
- Removes polishing oils, fillers and silicone residues.

/ZERO: Panel Wipe - 5 Litre

  • When to use /ZERO: Panel Wipe?

    1. When you need to apply a ceramic coating. 

    2. When you want to strip a car of OLD waxes, old sealants, silicone residue and oils.

    3. Restore clogged up ceramic coatings. 

    4. Prepping the panel for last state protection products to promote good bonding.

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