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/ZERO: Water Spot Remover is a sophisticated acid blend developed for the fast, gentle and effective removal of mineral salts, limescale and watermark deposits from exterior vehicle surfaces. /ZERO: WSR will chemically solubilise mineral deposits on a variety of surfaces whilst the detergents clean the contaminated substrate. 


/ZERO: WSR deep cleans automotive paint as part of the decontamination process and has the ability to unclog coatings and sealants that are stifled by mineral build up. It is suitable for use on most painted finishes, matte paint, wheel rims, polished metals, glass, plastics and rubbers.


Features and Specification:
- Premium acid blend.
- Dissolves mineral deposits.
- Coating safe. 
- Unclogs ceramic coatings and long-term sealants.

/ZERO: WSR - 5 Litre

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