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A lot of us find an internal synergy when working on our cars. It straightens our thoughts, drives us towards excellence and for some, cleanses their soul.

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about us

Garage Therapy Ltd was established in 2019 by two friends, Marios Sergides an IT Professional and Rodger Holmes, a Structural Engineer. We are big car enthusiasts with a specific passion for automotive detailing and have been professionally detailing cars since 2008.

Our vision is to bring premium high quality car care products that truly deliver in three key metrics: Quality, Value and Performance

Quality: Only premium chemicals are used in our products, no cutting corners. 

Value: Provide more value with versatile products whilst maintaining the highest quality, performance, standards and principles.

Performance: GT products are made to perform and thus, vigorously tested and vetted by industry professionals.

In the pursuit of excellence, Garage Therapy brings enthusiasts, prosumers and industry professionals premium car care offerings that deserve a spot in their detailing armory. 

Garage Therapy values feedback and we would encourage you to reach out to us on our social media platforms to share with us your experiences of our products which will drive us to develop and evolve our ranges.

Please stop us for a chat if you see us out and about at meets or shows. Alternatively drop us a message, we’d love to hear from you.


Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy using our products as much as we do!


Maz & Rodger



from some of the best detailing channels on the planet

"I love the fact you can use one chemical to do the wheels, the prewash and the shampoo...If you are a weekend warrior, valeter or detailer this is going to save you a lot of time..."

"The argument is if you can take contamination off as part of the wash phase and get as much protection off as you can there is going to be some benefit there...I was interested in buying it to actually use it and so far got no real negatives with it. It's rinse-able, it works."

"If you love your car, you will have these on your shelf. If you are a serious enthusiast you will have this on your shelf. If you don't then you are not serious about detailing..."

"Compared to some other detailing sprays, it works differently because its adds a slickness that I haven't really felt in other detailing sprays before..."